Wednesday, May 6, 2009

DOB allowing Hopper-Gibbons home to be heightened illegally

Recent celebration over the New York City Landmarks Commission's first hearing for Lamartine Place may have been premature.

The owners of the Hopper-Gibbons house on 29th Street have been granted a new building permit to vertically and horizontally enlarge this 4 story row house and to construct a penthouse (see below). Right now, there is a cement mixer in their front yard.

The Department of Buildings has allowed this to occur despite the fact that the Landmarks Preservation is considering a historic district designation for this portion of the block. Furthermore, the heightening of this house is illegal according to the sliver law, as indicated by the Department of Building's own audit.

We all need to call 311 and to contact the Department of Buildings and the Mayor's office to prevent this from happening.

It may well be time to picket, hold a press conference, or whatever it takes to preserve these buildings.