Tuesday, July 22, 2008

339 West 29th Street in gravely imperiled condition !

There is no more serious case of a gravely imperiled, historically important building in NYC, than the former Hopper-Gibbons home at 339 West 29th St., which is the only documented Underground Railroad Station in Manhattan. We continue to urge all historic preservation agencies and organizations to add this site to their lists of endangered historic buildings.

The building currently has no roof, which is a fire hazard as has been reported to the inspector of the Fire Department (with no result)and has already caused water damage and provided a place for pidgeons to nest! In addition, the scaffolding and/or tarp, besides being an eyesore, is disintegrating and can endanger passersby. Because the owner started to construct one and a half stories without adhering to building and zoning codes and, as a reult, had their building permit revoked, the steel I-beams they erected (as well as the hazardous scaffolding), must be torn down and the original roof of the fifth floor which they destroyed, needs to be reconstructed ASAP.

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